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An Introduction to Voicemeeter

Hello followers! Here is another vlog post I did for one of my classes in school. I hope you find it interesting. This time around I wanted to touch on a piece of software I think is important for many audiophiles, professionals who conference, gamers, digital musicians, and overall anyone interested in boosting their computer audio quality without hardware!

The software is Voicemeeter, and it is something that I use almost daily and has helped me at home personally with dividing up sound sources from my headphones, speakers and alike. It allows me to have more versatility in my online audio/video conversations and has some really cool features to compliment your audio lifestyle in the computer realm.

If you use your microphone(s) for recording, it has an awesome on the fly sound recorder built into it, and it cuts latency down on your live microphone playback (loopback) so you can easily monitor your voice to your liking.

I briefly discuss a technology coined “Audio over IP”. Audio over IP is the use of internet infrastructure as a “virtual” audio cable for sending audio signals elsewhere into the world over your internet connection at high quality. Scientists in Antarctica, Sports AV technicians for UEFA/FIFA broadcasts, TV broadcasters for internal media talk, and even New Jersey metropolitan areas for their transit systems use it!

Software Used
Voicemeeter Potato – https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/potato.htm
Voicemeeter VBAN Receptor (Android App) – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vbaudio.vbanreceptor

I do hope you find this video interesting.

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