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Setting up NewTek’s NDI OBS Plugin in WindowsOS

This video tutorial discusses the option of using networked audio/video over TCP/IP. The Newtek NDI (Network Device Interface) runtime is somewhat of a newer software, and allows for a robust solution for multimedia recording and streaming while helping to take the performance load off the computer responsible for making the content.

ie: Gaming computer, Seminar rig, Sport/Concert venue camera control center, etc.

The beauty of the software is the portability of it. Almost all physical real-world locations have a gigabit network infrastructure in-place, which in of itself can handle multiple NDI streams at once. The fact that it is free with the use of Open Broadcast Software, which as well is open source, provides a solution that now many companies can specifically endorse the value of. In this tutorial, is provided an introduction to the NewTek NDI runtime, and the plugin that integrates with OBS (Open Broadcast Software). Please note that Open Broadcast Software is a prerequisite for this tutorial along with gigabit network infrastructure or higher.

Software Used:

Open Broadcast Software – https://obsproject.com/download

OBS-NDI Plugin & NewTek NDI Runtimehttps://github.com/Palakis/obs-ndi/releases

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