I bought my own custom built computer in 2004 at age twelve. With the help of a local computer shop, they walked me through the details of putting it together, letting me do most of the work.

Ever since, I have been hooked on topics such as computer security and hardware troubleshooting. Gaming opened a lot of other computer related areas such as website design, video editing, photo editing, and problem solving.

I love working with computers, and while technology is always changing – that is what really inspires me.  I found myself visiting many community boards as a kid, researching topics such as how to hack your family computer, how to return it to a safe state, how to wipe passwords and unblock time restrictions on internet use.

The more I learned, the more my curiosity developed.  My interest in internet security really began when I started following a project a programmer initiated on a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) coined “Omerta”.

The RAT allowed for remote administration of any client machine of which you had direct access, or could exploit remotely. It was considered a hacking tool by all anti-virus software, but it could obviously be made into an undetectable file. When I saw this program, I realized how much internet security was changing and how computers were becoming vulnerable to security issues.

I am now a graduate of Nova Scotia Community College – Systems Management/Security – with CompTIA A+ Core certification. Other interests has me following: SecurityNow Podcastresearching RedditAndroid News, etc.

Audio/Visual Workings

I spent the summers of 2017 and 2018 working for Corporate Audio Visual where we provided AV services for multiple events including: Mid-Summer Movie Nights in a local park, Wedding Reception DJing, online sales distribution, and even a local boxing event.

This time was extremely fulfilling as I learned a lot about cable protocols and extended my knowledge on video mixing, video routing, and DMX light control systems using controllers and USB interfaces.

Though this wasn’t directly related to computer security, it provided a lot of insight into electronics, troubleshooting procedures, and a further understanding into multimedia design.